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JUNE Week-Long Camp (5 days)

June 15-19: 5 days of fun ending with a horse show, 9-3

JUNE Day Camps

June 22: One-Day Riding Camp, 9-3
June 23: Fairy / Unicorn, 9-3
June 24: Cowboy/Cowgirl, 9-3
June 25: Preschool Down on the Farm, 9-12

JULY Week-Long Camps (5 days)

July 6-10: 5 days of fun ending with a horse show, 9-3
July 20-24: 5 days of fun ending with a horse show, 9-3

JULY Day Camps

July 13: Preschool Down on the Farm, 9-12
July 14: Cowboy/Cowgirl, 9-3
July 15: One-Day Riding Camp, 9-3
July 16: Fairy / Unicorn, 9-3
July 27: Cowboy/Cowgirl, 9-3
July 28: Preschool Down on the Farm, 9-12
July 29: Fairy / Unicorn, 9-3
July 30: One-Day Riding Camp, 9-3

AUGUST Week-Long Camps (5 days)

Aug. 3-7: 5 days of fun ending with a horse show, 9-3
Aug. 17-21: 5 days of fun ending with a horse show, 9-3

AUGUST Day Camps

August 10: Fairy / Unicorn, 9-3
August 11: One-Day Riding Camp, 9-3
August 12: PreSchool Down on the Farm, 9-12
August 13: Cowboy/Cowgirl, 9-3
August 24: One-Day Riding Camp, 9-3
August 25: Cowboy/Cowgirl, 9-3

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2020 Pony Camps

Welcome to our pony camps! Here at Pony Party Place, we offer safe and comprehensive horse riding camps with lots of riding time, for all ages. We make learning fun. We have day camps and week-long camps. Extended hours are available, too. Scroll down and find the camp that best suits your needs.

One-Day Riding Camp

Each camper is assigned a staff person to accompany and assist them throughout the day. We start our session meeting our horse or pony, decorating and personalizing our stalls. Then on to grooming, saddling, learning parts of the saddle, bridle, and the pony, too. In the riding ring we start off with a class in halter showmanship. Next is riding equitation. After lunch break, craft time, and a short rest, it's on to our gaming class where we learn to barrel race, pole weave, and key hole race. To end our day at camp we finish with a trail ride and then home we go, very tired but very happy.
Summer Camp Time: 9:00 to 3:00
Cost: $125 per child

Week-Long Camp (5 days)

Join us for our 5-days of riding camp. Your first day with us, you will be assigned your staff, who will work with you thru the week, and your horse or pony. Once you have become acquainted with your best friend for the week, it's time to decorate and personalize your stall. You'll learn the basics of the saddle and bridle and the anatomy of the horse (print outs of all the information are sent home daily). In the riding ring we learn safety in all aspects of dealing with horses and how to have a professional attitude.

Our first class is Halter Showmanship. Next is Western Riding Equitation where we learn mounting, dismounting, neck reining, backing, trotting, and leg signals. We work on our balance using fun tasks. When class is over, it's time for lunch, then craft time. Our third class is Gaming, where we learn barrel racing, pole weaving, and the keyhole race. Weather permitting, we end the day with a trail ride. Friday is Exhibition Day. Parents, friends, family are invited to arrive at 11:00 for a tour of what we have been up to. We then proudly put on a show of what we have learned. All are invited to a lunch served afterwards in the party room.
Time: 9:00 to 3:00
Mon thru Fri
Cost: $475 per child

Is a week-long riding camp too much for your schedule? We have a one-day riding camp alternative (see above) and one-day theme camps (see below).

Preschool Down on the Farm Pony Camp

Calling all parents, nannies, caregivers! Wear your boots and come feed the chickens – Sparkle, Macaroni and all the girls – and collect their eggs. We might have to hunt for some and you will get to take them home. The bunny family – Cotton, Oreo, Cutie, Lighting Bug, Jiggie, and Inspector Perot – love carrots and apples. We will have time to groom and decorate the ponies and have pony rides, too. Bring a bag lunch and have lunch on the fairy trail. (If it rains, we eat in the party room.)
Time: 9:00 to 12:00
Cost: $50 per child

Fairy/ Unicorn Day Camp

Join us for fairy / unicorn fun. We start the magical day with decorating our fairy costumes: tutus, wings and headbands (these are provided and will be sent home with your child).
Next...Time to Meet your Unicorn...At this time all fairies will proceed in decorating their unicorn stalls and unicorns with sparkle flowers and butterflies on mane and tails and just the right amount of fun on each and every stall to make it a perfect unicorn habitat.
Next...The Riding Ring...All faries must have a basic knowledge of riding a unicorn so each fairy is assigned their personal staff for a lesson in western equitation. Fairies learn to lead safely, mount, neck reining, and halting.
Next...The Fairy Path Trail Ride... where we will look for fairies or their houses. We will stop and have lunch on the trail. Recommended for ages 4-9.
Time: 9:00 to 3:00
Cost: $125

Family may come at pickup time to have your fairy introduce you to her staff, see her unicorn and stall, and give you a walk down the fairy trail.

Cowboy/Cowgirl Day Camp

This camp is for the cowboy and cowgirl who want to learn to rope, barrel race, and trail ride and then eat lunch in the woods. We are hoping to put a SAFE zip line (not too high) on the trail and have Bandit Catching practice. Each cowboy/cowgirl will be assigned staff and a pony or horse for the day. We will have a riding lesson for the basics. Then, we move on to barrel racing, pole weaving, roping practice, lunch, and a trail ride (weather permiting). Recommended for ages 4 to 12.
Time: 9:00 to 3:00
Cost: $125

Extended Hours for All Campers

To accomodate parents' work schedules we offer extended hours before and after camp with supervised activities. We charge an hourly rate from drop-off to 9:00 and from end of camp to pick-up. Please call Terri for details: 763-441-0276

Register Early

We limit the size per session to ensure individualized attention. Reserve your spot early because camps fill quickly. Some of our camps sell out so register today to make sure you get the camp you want!

What to Wear

  • Long pants
  • Sturdy boots or shoes (tennis shoes are fine, but no shoes that have an open toe or that might fall off the foot)
  • Dress for the weather
  • Helmets: you may wear your own, or borrow one of our helmets

What to Bring

bring a bag lunch

Please bring a bag lunch and drink.


When it rains, camp is still on. We will plan weather-appropriate activities. For example, if the trail is too muddy to ride, we'll have fun in the indoor ring.

To reserve a space for pony camp

For each camper, please print and fill out the following forms:

Please read and keep for your records: Minnesota Livestock Activities Statute

Payment: A non-refundable deposit of $100 ($25 deposit for pre-school camp) is required when you sign up for a camp session. The remaining balance is due the first day of camp.

Please mail all your forms and deposit to:

Terri Taylor
16978 70th Street NE
Elk River, MN 55330

You're registered for camp when...

Terri receives your filled out Camp Registration, Health History, Permission Slip, and deposit.

Now it's easy - just show up for the first day.

We don't cancel for weather unless it's dangerous, in which case we'll call you.